Saturday, December 13, 2014

Christmas gift tags freebie!

Oh my goodness gracious!  Where have I been all December??!?  December is just busy.  It's all wonderful, fun, and so good....but it is very busy!

Two nights ago, my son came down with a fever, so I made the trip to school for some unexpected sub plans and spent the day with him yesterday at home.  I used the morning to finish up all the wrapping I hadn't gotten done yet.  Including all our gifts for the "extras" that work with my kids at school.  Specials teachers, classroom para-pros, bus driver, before-school care many people that we appreciate.  I love gifting all these people that are sometimes overlooked.

I happened to find an awesome deal on Bath and Body Works lotions near Thanksgiving.  I got these full-size lotions for $2.00 each!  I love how festive and cute the bottles are.  Not to mention that they all smell so yummy!
I created this gift tag to attach to each one...and thought you might have some last-minute gifts that could use this tag too.  
 I wrote the names of who they are for on the back of the card.  
 I always like to get these to school on the last Monday before Christmas Break.  That way, my kids can just deliver them as they see the teachers throughout the week and their teachers don't have to deal wth rushed deliveries on Friday....which is already such a busy day.

CLICK HERE to grab the tags from Google Drive!  Print onto card stock and you'll be all set!

Happy gifting!!


  1. Thank you so much for sharing! I was just thinking that I needed to sit down and get some of these made for my boys' teachers this week and you saved me some time! Thank you again for sharing!!! Merry Christmas!

  2. Thanks--great for some parents who help in the classroom as well. Thanks.