Friday, April 18, 2014

Five for Friday {April 18}

Hi, friends!  Happy Friday to you!  

I'm linking up with Doodlebugs again today for Five for Friday!
Check out what we were up to this week!

1. My students helped me put together a fun package on Monday to mail to our Texas pen pals.  This was sooo fun and my kiddos LOVED it!  They thought it was awesome that they would be surprising their pals with a box full of Easter eggs!

 2. We did some writing about Spring Break early this week.  I love teaching writing, and writing at this point in the year is just the best!  They have grown so much and have become so confident!

 3. The finished product of our "Buggy Over Books" display!  I had the students color the letters.  I think that adds a really personal touch to the board.
 We completed book recommendations for the display.  I chose five familiar books and asked students to choose their favorite to write about.
 Pete the Cat was the overwhelming favorite (Of course!  EVERY kid loves Pete!), but a few students chose one of the other books.
 And the bugs.  OH the bugs!  They. are. precious!
 The bugs are from Doodlebugs' Spring Directed Drawings pack.

 4. We had some Easter egg fun during math stations this week.  Skip counting practice!  It was a hit!

 5. We wrote a pen pal letter today.  It will be on it's way to Texas soon!  And we got a letter from our Colorado pals today, so we'll write them back next week.  Pen pal love is such a fun part of Kindergarten!!

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Product Swap Snapshot!! {and a GIVEAWAY!!}

Happy Monday!  I have the best way to start your week!!  

It's MY first day back from Spring Break.  I'm ready to see my kindies, but BOY was it hard waking up this morning for my 7:30 a.m. meeting...

ANYWAY.... I'm so excited to have been asked to participate in the Product Swap that Kimberly over at Funky First Grade Fun is hosting!  She is celebrating a new blog design (it's suuuuper cute!!) and was so sweet to invite me to the party!  
Have you been seeing some of these bloggers sharing about the products they were able to try?  Today it's my turn!
I was so lucky to be paired with Jennifer Tice from 
Her blog is so fun and I was excited to choose something from her TPT store that I could use with my class.  I knew right away that I wanted to review her Living and Non-living Objects pack.
We just finished a study on the Earth in our science curriculum, and after Spring Break we'll be diving into Living/Non-living.  I used some of these activities right before Spring Break to introduce our Spring study, and can't wait to use more as we work through this topic over the next several weeks.
In our last science unit, we learned what all living things need.  Jennifer included a super fun living/non-living sort in her pack.  Seriously, my students LOVED this!!
 I broke them up into pairs, copied the sorting sheets double-sided (living on one side and non-living on the other) and they worked together to complete the activity.  It was awesome to hear the discussions that took place and the science vocabulary that was being used!  A terrific formative assessment!
Most students were able to figure them all out correctly, but the mistakes allowed for some great teachable moments!
 This same activity could be used as a pre-test/post-test if done independently.

The pack also includes lots of fun riddles.  OH MY.....these were a MAJOR hit with my students!!  Some of them, I copied into this book (cover included in the pack).  We worked through a few of them together and will complete the rest over the next couple of weeks.
 These are really fun!
 This little guy included a chrysalis in his drawing....something we've never talked about in class!  Pretty sure he is now our "Butterfly Expert".  I never would have known without this activity.  I LOVE when things like that happen!

The riddles also come in sets like this.  I have these all copied and ready to go, but am saving them for later in our study.  I assembled little books (just plain white computer paper folded in half and stapled) and we'll cut these apart and glue them on the pages to create our own riddle books.  I just know that my students will love this.
Thanks so much, Jennifer, for sharing your product with me!  My students have loved these fun activities!  I can't wait to use the rest of them as we move through our Living/Non-living Unit!

NOW.....the GIVEAWAY!  Kimberly has great taste, and I know that this is going to be a great prize for someone! 
She's giving away a $50 gift card to The Vintage Pearl!  Someone will have so. much. fun picking out the perfect something from here!  I hope it's one of you!!

UGH!!!  For some reason I can't get the rafflecopter to show up here.  BOO! :(
I'll keep working on it.  In the meantime, head right over to Kimberly's blog by CLICKING HERE.  You can enter it there!!

And check out the other talented bloggers from the swap too!
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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Product Swap Snapshot {and an awesome GIVEAWAY!}

Hey hey!

I'm just in today to give you a little heads up on something that you're absolutely going to want to check out!  My friend Kimberly (we're only bloggy friends now, but we'll be IRL friends when we meet up this summer at the Color Run!!) just got a new blog design, and to celebrate, she's hosting a fun product swap for a few of us bloggers...and having an awesome giveaway too!

Head on over to her blog to enter the giveaway today!  And stop back on Monday because I'll be posting about the fantastic product I was able to review. 

This is the talented bunch of bloggers that I got to join for this product swap -- click their buttons to head over to their blogs! 

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Hope you're having a great weekend!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Five for Friday {April 11}

Why is it that Spring Break week goes by SO MUCH FASTER than every other week of the school year??!?  Ha!  
I had a wonderful week off, with lots of family time.  It was just what I needed!!  I don't have too much school stuff to share this week, but I just love me a Five for Friday, so here goes!

1. We traveled to Wisconsin Dells for a few days to enjoy the indoor water parks.  We were anxious for a little getaway after the long winter.  The Dells are about a 5 1/2 hour drive from our house.  Two movies and some reading/playing time, and we're there!  The perfect distance to drive with our kids.
Rowan had fun with some Road Trip Bingo on the way. 
2. The weather was awesome!  The skies were blue!  The clouds were big and puffy and my whole family was happy the entire time.  Love!!

 3. The last time we were there, Trey was too short to do many of the bigger slides.  This time, he was JUST tall enough.  He was so adventurous!  And then he wanted me to be adventurous too....which isn't always in my nature, but what I won't do for this kid!  This is what he said my face looked like while we were riding "The Hurricane".  Ha!
 4. You know you're a teacher when your souvenir from vacation is a pack of Scentos markers.  Hee hee. :)  My students will be so excited!
5. A little bit of prep work today for next week.  But, now that I look at it, should it say "Buggy FOR Books" instead of "Buggy OVER Books"???  Oh my.
Anyway, I plan to pair this with some student book recommendations and Doodlebugs' Spring directed drawings.  Look for more on this fun new display next week!

Happy Friday, friends!!