Friday, May 24, 2013

Five for Friday {May 24}

Thank goodness for Kacey's Five for Friday link-up or I might never update the blog in May!  'Tis the season for late nights and no free time!  8 more days of school here and I've been throwing myself a pathetic pity party all week because my hard drive crashed on Monday night and I have been without a computer all week.  BOO!  I think that they (the techy, waaaaay-smarter-than-me guys for my school district) were able to save everything from my computer, but I've been on a loaner machine all week with just the very basics and (GASP!!) NO cute fonts.  Not a single DJ or Rowdy font to be found, which is just about too much for me to handle.  I'm pretty sure that my co-workers have had enough of my whining and complaining, but I will be sooooo happy to have my computer back in my hands again next week!

Anyway...onto the fun of my week!  We have been busily wrapping up our school year!

1. We took a field trip on Tuesday to a local farm called the Critter Barn.  I have taken my students on this trip for the past several years and they LOVE it.  The baby animals are soooo sweet and the day (although a bit smelly) is always a super fun experience for the kids.  Plus, this year, we were sure we were going to get rained on all day long, but NO!  It was sunny and GORGEOUS!  A perfect day!
Serenity loved the ducks...
...Seth loved the bag swings...
...and Keagan loved the peacock.
Isn't his drawing so sweet?  He's taking a picture of the peacock. :)  There was LOTS of picture-taking on our field trip!

2. Wednesday marked 10 days of school left for us.  I have had an idea stored away in my mind since last Spring (Thank you, Pinterest).  I knew that I wanted to CELEBRATE our final 10 days this year, so I printed off some fun activities and grabbed some balloons.
I stuffed the slips of paper into the balloons and hung them from the ceiling.
We've popped a balloon each day.  We're having so much FUN!!
I plan to do another post listing all of the things we're doing.

3. Oh. my. goodness.  We've been working on writing letters during our writing workshop time.  This is the sweetest letter ever that one of my students wrote to another student this week.
 Dear Thomas, I wish you were my brother.  You would be a great brother.  You are soooo kind.  Love, Emily
This next one made me smile for a couple of reasons.  He was the first person to think of writing a letter to ME!
 Dear Mrs. Sloothaak, You do hard work to make fun thongs (ahem...things) for us.  Love, Thomas

He wrote thongs instead of things!  hee hee

But still, so sweet.  I love Kindergarteners.

 4.  We've been discussing habitats and animal characteristics in Science.  Today, the students got to make animals out of clay.  Melt my heart...they were SO cute.  Not to mention that the clay kept them engaged and calm for close to 30 minutes.  A PERFECT end-of-May science lesson.
 Mama and baby penguin
 Black widow

5. Not school-related at new TOMS!  Happy Mother's Day to me!!  I love TOMS and these are super duper adorable and OH so comfy!!!

Happy holiday weekend to you!!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Five for Friday {May 17}

It's Friday again!  Only two Fridays left in the school year for me.  I can hardly believe that my sweet littles are so close to first grade!

Here are my five randoms from the week:

1. This....
...and this....
...have been my best friends lately!  I spent all day Wednesday completing running records for my students (that was SUCH a fun day!  Love to see them reading!!), and every spare moment in the classroom this week completing year-end assessments.

We had LOTS of celebrations as my students realized that they have become READERS this year!  The sight word assessment had them all wearing big smiles!!

2. We needed something fresh for our afternoon choice time.  I'm not sure why I had forgotten all about my easel, but I pulled it out and the kids LOVED it!  And, of course, I loved that it was a quiet, calm least for four at a time!

3. We've been following the growth of pea seeds planted in sand, soil, and pebbles.  The three sand plants were looking awesome until this week when they finally decided that sand just isn't a good place for them to grow!  Still keeping an eye on what will happen with our pebbles plant.  So far, it looks pretty good.  And, of course, our soil plant is thriving.  The kids love checking these every day.

4. Have you heard of this book?  Our staff read it during March is Reading Month, and I was inspired to implement a daily DEAR time in my classroom.  I have grown to LOVE that time!!  We spend ten minutes each afternoon just reading silently (that includes me!), and then the students take five minutes or so to share about their books with each a partner "book review" time.  This is definitely something I will continue in the future, and I would recommend this book as a good summer read.  It is geared more for upper el/middle school classrooms, but I had some good take-away even for K.

 5. Instead of being Mrs. Sloothaak today, I got to be "Trey's mom" on a field trip with his class to the zoo.  He has had such a wonderful Kindergarten experience.  I almost don't want to see the school year end because it means his year is over!  I had the best time hanging out with my guy and his school buddies today.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Five for Friday {May 10}

I'm excited to be back, linking up for another Five for Friday with Kacey at Doodlebugs!

This is the first full week I've been back since Spring Break, and BOY was it jam-packed!  Between school and family, I was running around and my mind was spinning all week long!  Anyway, here are my 5 randoms for this week!

1.  I had the best time planning gifts to spoil my kids' teachers this week for teacher appreciation week.  A few years ago, I had a student who brought me a small gift every day of the week.  I thought it was such a special way to be spoiled, so that's what I did for my son's kindergarten teacher this week.  None of the gifts were big, but we had something special for her each day.  I hope they helped to make her feel SO appreciated this week!  This was one of the gifts we sent.

And a reminder that being a K teacher, and having a kindergartener, means that my work is never finished!!  Teacher at school and teacher at home!  My son wrote this sweet letter to his teacher this week.  He really took his time and worked so carefully.  But...look!  Trey!  You MUST begin each sentence with a capital letter!!! :)

2. The town I live in (Holland, MI) has a festival every May that attracts tourists from all over the place!  It's called the Tulip Time festival.  Tulips line the streets of Holland and it is so beautiful!  The weather was perfect this week, so we headed downtown to enjoy the tulips and some junk food as well!

3. Thursday was the BEST day of my week!  I got to spend my day learning from Kim Adsit at her "DI for the Little Guy" seminar.  She is AMAZING and such a master teacher.  I loved her sweet southern accent and her sense of humor.  Awesome, AWESOME!  I felt so silly asking her for a picture, but I just had to!

4. My students' Mother's Day gifts turned out so adorable and they LOVED them!  Heehee!  Thanks for the inspiration, Pinterest! :)

5. We wrote our last letter of the year to our Kindie pen pals in Colorado today. :( 

Only 17 days left!