Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Race to 100....and a bloggy break

Who knew that such a simple game could be so LOVED by my students??!?  I whipped up a version of this game around Christmas and my kindies enjoyed it so much that I've made a couple of different versions since then.

"Race to 100" is the simplest concept ever.  It's a partner game -- each partner chooses a color.  One partner rolls a dice and colors that many squares.  Then, the next partner rolls and colors.  They continue taking turns, coloring the boxes in order.  The person who rolls the exact number to land on 100 is the winner.

I usually make enough copies that each pair can play twice.  The winner of the first game brings that page home, and the other partner takes the other one home, whether they were the winner or not.  They love it.  

This game board is fun and Springy, and the KPM Doodles clip art is so cute!

On another note, I will be taking some time away from the blog while I tend to a situation that has arisen in my life.  I am needed for my family right now and just am not in a place of having the mental energy needed to maintain this blog effectively.  In time, I will return.  I look forward to that day!


  1. Thanks for the fun freebie! Love and hugs bestie!!!

  2. Love the cute freebie. Hope all goes well. Take care.