Friday, May 24, 2013

Five for Friday {May 24}

Thank goodness for Kacey's Five for Friday link-up or I might never update the blog in May!  'Tis the season for late nights and no free time!  8 more days of school here and I've been throwing myself a pathetic pity party all week because my hard drive crashed on Monday night and I have been without a computer all week.  BOO!  I think that they (the techy, waaaaay-smarter-than-me guys for my school district) were able to save everything from my computer, but I've been on a loaner machine all week with just the very basics and (GASP!!) NO cute fonts.  Not a single DJ or Rowdy font to be found, which is just about too much for me to handle.  I'm pretty sure that my co-workers have had enough of my whining and complaining, but I will be sooooo happy to have my computer back in my hands again next week!

Anyway...onto the fun of my week!  We have been busily wrapping up our school year!

1. We took a field trip on Tuesday to a local farm called the Critter Barn.  I have taken my students on this trip for the past several years and they LOVE it.  The baby animals are soooo sweet and the day (although a bit smelly) is always a super fun experience for the kids.  Plus, this year, we were sure we were going to get rained on all day long, but NO!  It was sunny and GORGEOUS!  A perfect day!
Serenity loved the ducks...
...Seth loved the bag swings...
...and Keagan loved the peacock.
Isn't his drawing so sweet?  He's taking a picture of the peacock. :)  There was LOTS of picture-taking on our field trip!

2. Wednesday marked 10 days of school left for us.  I have had an idea stored away in my mind since last Spring (Thank you, Pinterest).  I knew that I wanted to CELEBRATE our final 10 days this year, so I printed off some fun activities and grabbed some balloons.
I stuffed the slips of paper into the balloons and hung them from the ceiling.
We've popped a balloon each day.  We're having so much FUN!!
I plan to do another post listing all of the things we're doing.

3. Oh. my. goodness.  We've been working on writing letters during our writing workshop time.  This is the sweetest letter ever that one of my students wrote to another student this week.
 Dear Thomas, I wish you were my brother.  You would be a great brother.  You are soooo kind.  Love, Emily
This next one made me smile for a couple of reasons.  He was the first person to think of writing a letter to ME!
 Dear Mrs. Sloothaak, You do hard work to make fun thongs (ahem...things) for us.  Love, Thomas

He wrote thongs instead of things!  hee hee

But still, so sweet.  I love Kindergarteners.

 4.  We've been discussing habitats and animal characteristics in Science.  Today, the students got to make animals out of clay.  Melt my heart...they were SO cute.  Not to mention that the clay kept them engaged and calm for close to 30 minutes.  A PERFECT end-of-May science lesson.
 Mama and baby penguin
 Black widow

5. Not school-related at new TOMS!  Happy Mother's Day to me!!  I love TOMS and these are super duper adorable and OH so comfy!!!

Happy holiday weekend to you!!


  1. What a gorgeous and big classroom you have! I love that there's so much room to move around.
    I stopped by from Doodle Bugs...great blog!
    Whimsy Workshop

  2. Hi Jill I found your blog through the Five for Friday linky. I too love all things Polka Dot & love checking out other Polka Dot blogs. Your kiddos clay animals are so cute. Happy to be a new follower.