Friday, May 9, 2014

SIX for Friday {May 9}

It's Friday!  Hip, hip hooray!  And time for Doodlebugs' "Five for Friday"!

Remember last week when I only had THREE for Friday, and I posted it on Saturday?

Well, this week I am back to posting on Friday, but I have SIX!  Hope you don't mind!  Ha!  Lots and lots going on in Kindergarten these days!

1. We're headed on a field trip next week to a local farm and we're busy getting ready!  Research and crafting!  So far....pigs and sheep!
I found these farm animal templates and the writing pages for free HERE.

2. I enjoyed spoiling my own kids' teachers this week for teacher appreciation week!  I love sending a small gift for them every day.  I had a student so that for me one year and I thought it was SO thoughtful!  
One of my sweet kiddos brought me this gift on Wednesday --  all of my favorites!  A GREEN cup filled with GUMMI BEARS, and a bowl full of delicious RASPBERRIES.  I loved this special gift!

 3. I had a new student join my class a few weeks ago.  I was checking his paper the other day and he asked me to add a word to the top.  When I asked him which word he wanted, he said "Happy!"....I thought that was sweet!

4. We have moved into our final science unit -- living and non-living.  This week we took a science nature walk outside and looked for living and non-living things.  We made this list when we came back in.
 And then we completed this science journal page.  These come with our science curriculum.

5. I was so excited to come home from school the other day and see a box from Lakeshore Learning on my doorstep.  These cuties were inside!  Lakeshore's math manipulatives are awesome!  So colorful and durable!  
 It's the perfect time of year to introduce a new manipulative and re-energize the kidlets as we wrap up our final weeks of Kindergarten.  I know that they will flip over these!  I can't wait to introduce them next week!

6. We whipped up fun and easy handprint gardens for our moms for Mother's Day.  The kids did a great job -- they turned out really cute!  What mom doesn't LOVE anything with a precious little handprint???  

Happy weekend, friends!!!

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