Monday, September 1, 2014

Calendar Wall.....updated!

You might remember that I went into the summer with the goal of updating my calendar wall.  I finally finished it last week.  Just in time for our new year!

This is how it has looked for the past several years.
But then, mid summer, I realized that the bulletin board was only attached by two screws!  So I took it down and opened up an entire wall to work with!
And this is how it looks today!  Ready for a new year!
 I also added this to my closet door in the same area.  "Be a Champion" is a theme at our school, and we'll say this with motions every day during calendar time.
 I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut vinyl for the wall.
 I finally have ten-frames on my calendar wall.  I've wanted them for two years now, but just never added them.
 More vinyl above the hundreds chart.  I made good use of Command hooks and velcro!
 My students will sign this when they lose a tooth.  We have a little "tooth chant" that we say for every child when they lose a tooth.  
 Calendar numbers, ten-frame dots, days of the week, birthday balloons, and a Vis-a-vis for the tooth chart all have a home here.
 I added shape posters to the top of the wall.
 And look at this sweet sign that I received from one of my new kidlets.  Love.  I thought it was perfect over by this area.

I am so happy with the way this space turned out!  I know that it will be more useful and will help make our calendar time even more meaningful for my students.

Ready or starts for us tomorrow!  Here we go! 

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