Sunday, January 27, 2013

100th Day pack.....finally!

Whew!  I know I'm a tad late with this (some people are already posting about their 100th day fun!!), but my 100th day pack is finally finished, so I posted it to TPT yesterday.  

The pack includes writing prompts, math activities and games, signs for a 100th day scavenger hunt, and a 100th day glyph with analysis sheets and display headings.

Click over to TPT here to check it out for yourself if you are still looking for some things to add to your 100th day fun!

Because of our snow days last week, our 100th day is on Valentine's Day!  BAD timing!  Needless to say, we won't be celebrating both on the same day, so if we don't have any snow days between now and then, we'll push back our 100th day festivities until after Valentine's Day.  It's waaaaay more fun, though, to be able to celebrate on the ACTUAL 100th day, so I have one more reason to cross my fingers for another big snowstorm!

One of my favorite activities to do on the 100th day of school is to make a class book using this page.

The kiddos think it is the FUNNIEST thing to think about what they might look like at 100 years old - white or gray hair, big bellies, facial hair or bald heads for the boys, walkers or canes, wrinkles....cracks them up!  One year I had a little guy draw a headstone with his name on it and R.I.P.  Ha!  I saved it and had it posted behind my desk for years because it just made me SMILE!

I always laminate the pages and make them into a class book when they are finished.  Then, every student gets a chance to take it home for a night to share with their families.  These things are way too adorable to keep all to myself!  They LOVE showing off their work!!

It's included in my 100th day pack, but if you'd like it, you can snag it here for free!

Has your 100th day already come and gone?  Does it fall on Valentine's Day like mine?

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  1. Your 100th Day pack looks AMAZING! I'm excited to use your idea and make a class book with my kiddos. What a fun idea!

    Crossing my fingers for that extra snowstorm too! My sister has both 100th day and Valentine's day on the 14th, too. She's planning on celebrating the "101st" day of school! In case you want to add to your already really long to-do list, consider a 101st day packet. ;)

    Thanks, Jill!!!