Thursday, January 17, 2013

Winter math stations

We run the same two-week schedule for math stations as we do for literacy stations in my room.  They aren't quite the same, though.  Lit stations take place four days a week, but math stations only take place two days a week.  So, I only plan four math activities instead of the eight literacy activities every two weeks.

Our math stations for this week and next are full of cute, winter fun!

"Before and After Numbers"
Students pick a polar bear, match it to their recording page, and write the numbers that come before and after.

(Found in my Snowy Stations pack)

"Snowman Addition"
Students choose a snowman card, copy the groups onto their page, and write the addition sentence.

"Snowman Number Match"
Students match the white number snowmen to the colored ten-frame snowmen, and record the numbers and ten-frames on their recording page.

(Snowy Stations pack) 

"Frosty Flakes"
Students read the number and the color word, then build snowflake groups on their page.

(This activity comes from Julie Lee's Frosty Fun pack.)

We end our day with math stations on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  I'm working on a post that describes our literacy and math stations in more detail in case you're curious about exactly how I structure it.  It seems like I change little things every year to make it work better.  This year was a BIG change because my district made the switch to full-day Kindergarten.  It's been fun figuring it all out, and I feel like I am able to fit in so many things that I was never able to before.  Love, love, LOVE!

Happy {almost} Friday!!  A doctor appointment for my son tomorrow means that my weekend started a day early.  Boo for making sub plans, but YAY for three-day weekends!


  1. Super cute ideas. Love all the DJ Inkers clipart and love how it focuses on skills that link up with our math unit. I'm excited to read how you set up and implement these "new" stations, etc. Two weeks rotations sound much better than every. single. week. Enjoy your weekend, friend!

  2. ohhhhhmygosh. I pulled out before and after numbers in stations this week (we do it EVERY day in calendar!) and you would've thought my kids had never seen it!! It was a disaster! LOL I guess we need a liiiitle more independent practice before I put it in a station!
    Rowdy in Room 300