Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Open House treat for students

I decided yesterday that I wanted my students to have a special treat, just for them, to take home from tonight's open house.  Since I teach at Blue Star Elementary, I stuck with the STAR theme, and made this little treat tag.

And then I just put some starburst candies in a snack-size ziploc bag and stapled the tag to the front.

I put them in a cute basket and will set them out at open house tonight.

Nothing fancy, but I think my new crew will love having a special treat.  And I love any chance that I can remind them that I'm so glad I get to be their teacher!

If you'd like to grab these tags for free, click HERE.  They could easily be used with any treat at any time of the year!

I'm excited to see my bunch tonight and am looking forward to my open house...even though it's an 85 degree, super humid Michigan day, with no air conditioning in my classroom!!  We'll have fun!


  1. Love it! Hope your open house goes well!

    Carolina Teacher

  2. You are wonderful! And your students are SO blessed to have you this year! I made a little Starburst tag and gave my students the same treat at our Meet and Greet as well! Great minds think alike! :) I hope that you have a fantastic year, you lucky full day teacher! Love you!