Friday, June 13, 2014

Five for Friday {June 13}

Hello, hello!  Isn't today a glorious Friday?  My first Friday of summer break, and it's just plain wonderful!  
Freedom!  Relaxation!  JOY!
Of course I LOVE my job and my Kinder-babies, but summer is just pure bliss through and through.

I didn't do a Five for Friday last week, so I have a few school things to share and also a few non-school things.  Two weeks worth!

1. We spent lots of time as scientists during our last week of school.  We discussed habitats...
...and we made friends with some big, juicy earthworms!  Most all the kids LOVED them....and I ALWAYS love these slimy, wriggly guys!
Someday I'll have to write a post about all the fun things we do during "Worm Week", but not today... :)

2. We finished off our last week popping a balloon every day.  One of the activities was movie day, and the class enjoyed a special snack during a movie.
 3. Friday, June 6th was our last day of school.  Here are my kids, ready to go!  Last day of pre-school and 1st grade!
 We had a staff lunch after our half-day of school.  Love these ladies that I am lucky enough to work with!
 4. I went into school on Monday of this week to tie up a few loose ends and prepare my classroom for summer.  I'll be in many times over the summer, but there are several things that I have to do to "check out" at the end of the year.  I took care of those things and got my class list for next year!
Rowan came with me (wearing her bumblebee antennae...) and enjoyed reading book after book from my reading corner.  

5. The rest of our week consisted of a driveway bonfire with our awesome neighbors and our first s'mores of the summer, 
 driveway basketball, 
 planting flowers, 
 summer haircuts (4 inches off for Rowan!), 
 family bike rides, 
 and little league for Trey.

Loving every minute!!  

Happy weekend, friends!


  1. So glad you were back this Friday! I always look forward to these posts! So glad you are done with school and can enjoy a relaxing summer with your cute fam! Love your welcome pot! And LOVE how clear and bright your IG photos seem to be! How do you do that?!

  2. Well, this was my last Friday, and what a day it was! I look forward to my first Friday of break because I'll be a whole new person. Enjoyed hearing about your week. Kathleen at Kidpeople Classroom

  3. Me again! I just went to follow you and realized you teach kindergarten in MICHIGAN! Me, too! I've been looking for MI K bloggers... good to find you! Kathleen at Kidpeople Kindergarten

  4. sweeeeeet summertime!! Love all the pictures! I am so jealous that you already have your class list! We never have ours until open house day!! Love Rowan's haircut!! She looks so big!