Saturday, February 9, 2013

Five for Friday link-up! {February 8th}

I'm linking up with Kacey over at Doodle Bugs Teaching for another Five for Friday link-up!

We actually enjoyed a full, five-day week at school this week!  It was wonderful!!!

We were BUSY....lots and lots of learning, and some play time too!

1. We began a non-fiction unit on arctic animals.  My teaching partner and I kept seeing blog after blog with the MOST adorable penguin activities, so we decided to go for it too!  This is something that I NEVER would have time to fit in before (we switched from half-day to full-day K this year), and I am loving it!  We began this week with polar bears, then we'll move to walruses, and we'll finish with penguins.  We're using Deanna Jump's Arctic Animals pack for polar bears and walruses.

I am NOT an artist at all, but this polar bear turned out pretty cute anyway! The kids love it!


2. We got a letter from our pen pals this week!  So exciting!  We'll write them back early next week.


3. We are getting close to our 100th day.  February 19th!


4. We celebrated two birthdays this week in our class.  One of the girls brought the MOST delicious frosted sugar cookies, and the other brought these sweet skittle butterflies.  I had to get a picture with it because she decorated all of the clothespin bodies.  She knows that giraffes are my favorite animal, so she decorated mine like a giraffe.  Precious!  I LOVE kindie kids!  They are so thoughtful and sweet!


5. We have finally had some snowfall that has stuck around, so we ended our week with a Young Fives/Kindergarten sledding party!  We have a great sledding hill on our playground, but each grade takes turns using it, so our students only got to use it once last week.  We invited parents to join us and spent the last 45 minutes of the day sledding!  The weather was PERFECT, and the kids had a blast!!  It was the BEST way to end our week together!