Tuesday, February 19, 2013

President's Day and March is Reading Month prep

Oh my goodness.  This is shaping up to be the craziest week of my school year so far.  Fun-filled and exciting, but still super busy and just plain old crazy!  Yesterday we celebrated President's Day which was SUPER FUN, but I ended the day with a whole stack of activities that we didn't even get to!  Normally I would have just extended the fun into today, BUT today was supposed to be our 100th Day celebration...except for the fact that we didn't have school due to freezing rain and terrible, unsafe driving conditions.

Crazy Michigan winter weather!!!

Sooooo....our 100th day will be tomorrow, and then Thursday I have a guest teacher because I will be completing individual assessments all day.  So it looks like Friday will be a mix of 100th Day and President's Day leftover fun!  So much for reading, writing, and math curriculum!!  I guess there's always next week!

Here's what we DID get to yesterday...

I was pinspired by these adorable masks (this is the link).  We just made the black hat a little straighter and taller and they were perfect for Abraham Lincoln. 

We cut the plates, colored them with a crayon that matched Abe's skin, and sponge-painted beards.  We added the popsicle stick and black hat once the paint had dried.

 No pics of the finished products (at least none that I can show on the blog), so you'll have to use your imagination....but they were adorable!

Then, we spent much of the afternoon on these cuties that Holly was sweet enough to send me (thanks again, Holly!).  I built mine along with them, so they were able to follow step by step.

It was A LOT of cutting, but my kiddos did really well.  It took us over an hour from start to finish, but it was calm, quiet, and my students were SO PROUD of their finished products!  I think they turned out seriously cute!!

More President's Day projects to come as the week goes on, but not tomorrow.  Tomorrow will be overflowing with 100th Day FUN!  Can't wait!

AND...even as I enjoy all of the fun of this week, my mind is already looking ahead to what's next.  For our school, it's March is Reading Month, and my brain is spinning with ideas!  I have been working hard on literacy and math station activities that I can use throughout the month of March, and I was able to use my snow day today to finally finish it up and upload it to TPT.  Click here to check it out.
I'll post more about it once I get it all prepped and ready to go.

Snow, snow go away.... let us celebrate our 100th day!!!


  1. I love the Abe and George projects, so cute!! Tuesday and Wednesday were snow days for us. . . I am ready for a little sunshine and warmth :)