Thursday, July 31, 2014

"My Summer Fun" Back-to-School Bulletin Board

I'm not actually back to school until after Labor Day, but all of you who are returning soon have got me thinking about all things back to school!  

My school district runs a camp for incoming Kindergarten students on three afternoons in August, and I am planning to have my littles complete a piece of work that I will use to create a display for our back-to-school Open House at the end of August.

I bought this adorable clip art a while back from Whimsy Clips.  I have been dreaming up all sorts of fun ways to use it and I think it will be super cute for a back-to-school display in my classroom.  
I added my student names to the stars and am still working on getting them all cut out.  Mindless work while I'm watching TV after the kids go to bed. :)
During Kinder Camp, I'm going to have each student draw a picture of their summer fun on this half-sheet.  Click the image below if you'd like to grab it from Google Drive.  Just print, copy, and cut in half.

I plan to take a picture of each little guy or gal to add to the display as well.  I'll post each child's drawing, photo, and name together on the board.  When the families come for our open house prior to school starting they'll already get to see their child's work displayed in the classroom! :)

I think this display would be adorable with any clip art you might have!  Add your students' names and you'll be all set!  I'll probably leave this one up for a while because you know how crazy things are early in the year!  Changing out bulletin board displays isn't top on the list!  Ha!

Kindie artwork is just plain precious.  But as much as I love it, I will most definitely enjoy my last few weeks of summer before getting too excited to fill those bulletin boards again. ;)

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  1. I, too, love to enlarge clip art images and use them on bulletin boards! Thank you for sharing!