Friday, October 31, 2014

We love class books!

I wrote a post last month about some of our back-to-school class books.  We LOVE class books!  We make at least one or two each month.  Over the past few weeks, we have made three class books and I wanted to share them with you!

In my last post, I asked for ideas about what class books you love to make with your class and Sara commented that she class makes a book based on the classic Ten Apples up on Top.  I LOVED this idea, and put it in my plans for the following week!
Next year, I'll plan to make it in September when we are talking more about apples, but this year October had to do! :)

I tweaked Sara's idea just a bit and gave each of my students 10 apples (I used my 1" circle punch to cut the circles out of construction paper) and they completed the sentence on the page and added an illustration.  They all turned out so cute!

 We also made this class book as an extension to our reading series book Life in an Ocean.  The class always loves making this book because of the ocean setting they get to draw.  My kids go crazy for ocean talk every year!  
 This page is available in this post from last year.
 One of my very favorites.  I said last year that I wanted to make a book like this for each season, but I totally forgot.  I'll say it again this year.  Hopefully I'll remember! :)

I really, really love how this book has turned out both times I've done it with my class.  Click back to this post to read more about this fun book!

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  1. SO cute! No one has every mentioned me on a blog before! I feel a little giddy! Thank you for all you share and contribute! I am so grateful to you and all the bloggers out there! My teaching is totally different now versus just a few years ago! THANK YOU!