Wednesday, March 6, 2013

This week's literacy stations

I'm finally feeling organized enough again to post about this week's literacy stations.  They will run through next week as well.  I am wrapping up a few winter activities that we hadn't gotten to yet, and I included one of my new "Three Cheers for BOOKS" activities along with our usuals.

"Snowman Noun Hunt" 
 The instructions for this activity say to have students find the words around the classroom, but I am just having them sort the words into a pocket chart and record them onto their pages.

"Roll a Sight Word"

"Word Bookends"
Beginning and ending sounds
When I was over by the two girl who were working on this activity, I overheard the sweetest conversation they were having about how "this bird is a blue jay and did you know that there are red birds too?  And I think they are called red jays.  Isn't that cool?"  heehee :)

Our reading curriculum story last week was "If You Could Go to Antarctica".  I love that kids this age love non-fiction so much.  They ate that book up and wanted to know everything about Antarctica.  They loved even just looking at the pictures in the interested in what Antarctica is really like! In this station, they have to list four things that they would need if they were a scientist living in Antarctica, and then draw pictures to match.  Some of the lists have been pretty adorable!  And all of them have had great ideas!

"Pencil, Marker, Glue" page to practice this week's sight words

"Word Build and Write" page to practice this week's sight words

"Sight Word Stamp and Write" -- again, reviewing this week's sight words and also a few we've already covered

"Silly Nilly or Real Deal"
Real and nonsense words
 This is a fun one!

My students are having lots of fun with these stations.  I hope to be back sharing our current math stations tomorrow!

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  1. A lot of fun stations! The "Silly Nilly or Real Deal" worksheet looks so fun! I'll have to try it out! :) Thanks for more inspiration! Love you teacher friend!!!